What does Adjective-Space mean?

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Adjective-Space is derived from applying the all-natural progression of physics into real world. Physics advances by reducing the wide range of independent measurements of the theoretical globe into a manageable quantity of meaningful orthenormal vectors. Physicist have actually succeeded in eliminating all meaning from their particular area of research fairly recently once the last three measurements collapsed into both, Mass, length and time. Adjective theorists desire to apply this same concept to adjective room, they attempt to discover ways to lower the total number of adjectives utilized. An example of this would be Color-Space. Recently Adjective theorists have actually were able to lower the number of colors into three (Red, Green and Blue) therefore making other adjectives completely unneeded. Purple is not any longer required, one red and something blue make purple. It is a fairly simplistic instance, an example of one of the more unpleasant adjectives is wet. Moist can plainly be called a vector with the dimensions sticky and moist. The issue is that there is no-one to acknowledge the number of gluey and moist had a need to develop one moist.There has-been much assertion over the existence of Adjective-Space. The main competition is Poetry Theorists who genuinely believe that decreasing the number of adjective measurements in Adjective-Space reduces the energy of area. Many popular of anti-Adjective theory books was 1984.