What does Adjacent mean?

Adjacent meaning in General Dictionary

what is adjacent

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  • Lying near close or contiguous neighboring bordering on as a field right beside the highway
  • having a typical boundary or side; abutting; pressing
  • closest in space or position; straight away adjoining without intervening area
  • near or close to although not always touching
  • Lying near, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on; because, a field adjacent to the highway.
  • That which is adjacent.

Adjacent meaning in Medical Dictionary

Lying close by. Relevant terms feature superjacent, subjacent, and circumjacent. From ad-, near + the Latin jacere, to lie = to lie near.

Adjacent meaning in Law Dictionary

Lying near or close to; contiguous. The difference between adjacent and adjoining is apparently the former shows that the two objects are not widely separated, though they could maybe not in fact touch, while adjoining imports they are so joined or united together that no third item intervenes. Individuals v. Keechler, 194 111. 235. 62 N. E. 525; Ilanifen v. Armitage (C. C.) 117 Fed. &45; McDonald v. Wilson. 59 Ind. 54; Wormley v. Wright County, 108 Iowa, 232, 78 N. W. 824; Hennessy v. Douglas County, 90 Wis. 129, 74 N. W. 9S3; backyard v. Ocean Beach Ass’n, 49 N. J. Eq. 300, 24 Atl. 729; Henderson v. extended, 11 Fed. Cas. 10S4; Yuba County v. Kate Hayes Min. Co., 141 Cal. 3G0, 74 Pac. 1049; United States Of America v. St. Anthony It. Co.. 192 U. S. 524, 24 Sup. Ct. 333, 48 L. Ed. 54S. But see Miller v. Cabell, 81 Ky. 184; In re Sadler, 142 Pa. 511, 21 Atl. 978.

Adjacent meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Latin adiacentem (nominative adiacens) "lying at," current participle of adiacere "lie at, edge upon, lie almost," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + iacere "to lay, rest," actually "to throw" (see jet (v.)), with notion of "to cast (oneself) straight down."

Adjacent meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Lying near, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on; because, a field adjacent to the highway.

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  • (letter.) That which is adjacent.

Sentence Examples with the word Adjacent

Richardson, is built in the Romanesque style of southern France; it is a Latin cross surmounted by a massive central tower, with smaller towers and an adjacent chapel reached by open cloisters that distribute the balance (see Architecture, Plate XVI.

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