What does Adirondack mean?

Adirondack meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1906, in reference to a form of yard or deck chair believed to have been designed in 1903 by a Thomas Lee, owner of Westport hill Spring, a resort within the Adirondack region of brand new York State, and commercially made the next 12 months, but stated originally having been known as Westport seat following the town in which it had been first-made. Adirondack Mountains is a back-formation from Adirondacks, addressed as a plural noun but actually from Mohawk (Iroquoian) adiro:daks "tree-eaters," a name put on neighboring Algonquian tribes, where the -s is an imperfective affix.

Sentence Examples with the word Adirondack

Turner; Reports of the New York Geological Survey from 1842 to 1854 (Albany); Reports of the Topographical Survey of the Adirondack Region of New York (Albany, 18731880); Reports of the New York Meteorological Bureau (1889 sqq.); and publications of the United States Weather Bureau.

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