What does Adipose mean?

Adipose meaning in General Dictionary

Of or pertaining to animal fat fatty

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  • unwanted fat contained in the cells of adipose structure composed primarily of varying mixtures of tripalmitin tristearin and triolein It solidifies after death
  • composed of animal fat
  • Of or regarding animal fat; fatty.

Adipose meaning in Urban Dictionary

A small, white alien crafted from fat. It was featured in the Doctor which episode "Partners In Crime".

Adipose meaning in Medical Dictionary

Fatty. Adipose describes tissue made up of primarily fat cells for instance the yellowish layer of fat underneath the skin.

Adipose meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1743, from contemporary Latin adiposus "fatty," from Latin adipem (nominative adeps, genitive adipis) "smooth fat of animals, fat, lard," from Greek aleipha "unguent, fat," associated with lipos "grease, fat" (see leave (v.)). Change of -l- to -d- "prob. because Umbrian influence" [Klein]. But it could as well be a native Italic formation from same origins, *ad-leip-a "sticking onto."

Adipose meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

is the quality of becoming fat or filled with fat.

Adipose meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or with respect to pet fat; fatty.

Sentence Examples with the word Adipose

These are pressed upon and become atrophied, and may ultimately be replaced by adipose tissue.

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