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Adie is the name for a cool sister of older age. Adie is a woman who's wonderful throughout methods feasible however is incredibly modest. She is bashful and funny and energetic. If you have an Adie for a gf, expect that she's going to put all the woman trust in you, making you feel terrible when you break a promise to this lady. She never really demonstrates that she's pleased once you make a move great for her, but inside she's extremely joyful. Adie may be the perfect woman. Adie's tend to be women who are naturally by themselves. Adie's make good girlfriends, they want to cook awesome foods and love to fork out a lot of time cuddling. Adie's are just like friendly sloths, they need only becoming enjoyed but anything to cling to. Adie's also have amazing songs flavor, they are really eclectic and love any such thing vintage and off-beat. Adie's tend to be timid in some instances too, they really tediously break the rules helping to make them incredibly good partners for activities, just because it's just running into food store. Adie's are very trustworthy, they love despite every little thing and it's a heartbreaker whenever their particular feelings are hurt because Adie's are too sweet to-be unfortunate. Any man just who finds an Adie should be very nice and a courteous gentlemen since they're really worth how much they weigh in silver.