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Adib commonly understand as adibly-doothe closest friend you could previously havethats inlove with ronnie radkehes amazeingly adorableand a amazeing singerthat is gonna succeed huge one dayHes some body that whenever you meetYoull never forget him!Hes types of a whore...JK?everyone that meets him will like him (: definition of course, a layed back and cool individual, will only talk if a person talks to him. Gets his females by their looks above his character That really cute guy using the but chinhe is persian, comfortable, hilarious, fun, good-looking, wise and he features countless goals in life.He need's to-be a dental practitioner, a pharmacist and a company owner on top of that! Oh Adib. A man from Iran who's got a mustache using the stature of a caterpillar. Their caterpillar is able to eat any and all. whenever laughing, an adib will spam. And he pwns.