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Swahili Pronunciation : UH-DEE-UHMeaning: "Gift from God"United states Pronunciation: A-DEE-UHTraits: Emotionally understanding and intellectual. 1. Best instant messaging client for OS X.2. The anti-iChat.3. The duck is the owner of you. A demonic sexy mistress, Adia takes the type of an anthro wolf girl. This woman is 6' tall, and has fur along the woman straight back, sides, and shoulders. She's razor-sharp claws and teeth, the woman eyes or a swirl of purple and black colored. Her hair is moderate length, and scruffy. She's got a 3'6" end. She's an alternative kind as a cerberus. She wears a very revealing torn up shirt, and tight jeans. She is extremely perverted and has now several different slaves, she is additionally owned by Tenk, this lady master Intercourse Goddess of Frank; Frank's sex goddess.