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title regarding the coolest kid you'll ever meet.he is brown; need we state more?Adhithya has an amazing spontaneity, the most admirable sense of value in which he cares for anybody he satisfies. Sure to be an excellent physician, he'll save your valuable life a lot better than any Superman could, except with a cuter smile, a much better mustache and sexier muscles.Adhithya is a bit shy at first, but they can be friends with every person, and then he could make anybody laugh -- top buddy you'll have when you're unfortunate (or well any time after all). He will keep your secrets rather than treat you incorrect.. and even though he might occasionally have some an ego. But that is always simply poking fun.Smartest when you look at the class, but constantly many small. Thoughtful and constantly high in responses and compliments and teases. And pokes.You do not want to allow this child go out in your life. This person has actually a huge hairy you-know-what.That's right, a brilliant Sexy Mustache.Not only performs this praise this unique kid's stunning face but it also helps him in the health pursuits permitting him to heal formerly incurable and avoided disorders including not enough sexism and loss of facial hair.And if you don't love their hair just who'll always love their heart ;)