What does Adhesion mean?

Adhesion meaning in General Dictionary

The activity of sticking the state of being attached personal union while the adhesion of glue or of components united by growth cement or perhaps the like

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  • abnormal union of bodily cells; typical in the abdomen
  • a fibrous band of scar tissue that binds collectively usually split anatomical frameworks
  • faithful assistance for an underlying cause or governmental party or faith
  • the property of sticking collectively (by glue and lumber) or perhaps the joining of surfaces various composition
  • The action of sticking; hawaii to be attached; personal union; since, the adhesion of glue, or of parts united by growth, concrete, or the like.
  • Adherence; regular or fast accessory; fidelity; since, adhesion to error, to a policy.
  • contract to adhere; concurrence; assent.
  • The molecular destination exerted between figures in contact. See Cohesion.
  • Union of surface, usually separate, by the formation of new structure resulting from an inflammatory procedure.
  • The union of parts that are split in other plants, or in younger says of the same plant.

Adhesion meaning in Medical Dictionary

The union of two opposing muscle surfaces. This term is often always relate to the edges of a wound, as well as to scar tissue strands that will form within website of a previous operation, like in the abdomen after a laparotomy.

Adhesion meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from French adh

Adhesion meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Fibers that bond things together that could not usually be combined.

Adhesion meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The activity of sticking; the state to be connected; personal union; because, the adhesion of glue, or of components united by growth, cement, or even the like.

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  • (letter.) Adherence; constant or firm attachment; fidelity; as, adhesion to mistake, to an insurance plan.
  • (n.) contract to adhere; concurrence; assent.
  • (letter.) Union of surface, ordinarily individual, because of the formation of new tissue caused by an inflammatory process.
  • (n.) The union of parts that are separate in other plants, or perhaps in younger states of the same plant.

Sentence Examples with the word Adhesion

While Saxony's political liberty was thus enlarged, its commerce and credit were stimulated by its adhesion to the Prussian Zollverein and by the construction of railways.

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