What does Aden mean?

Aden meaning in General Dictionary

incorporating kinds of the Greek term for gland utilized in words concerning the structure conditions etc of the glands

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  • an essential port of Yemen; on the Gulf of Aden; its strategic place has made it an important trading center of southern Arabia since ancient times

Aden meaning in Names Dictionary

Variant of Adin: Attractive, handsome, enjoyment offered. Adin ended up being a biblical exile just who returned to Israel from Babylon.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Male

Aden meaning in Etymology Dictionary

devote southern Arabia, fundamentally from Akkadian edinnu "plain," which some believe is also the main of Biblical Eden.

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Sentence Examples with the word Aden

Several isolated volcanic hills crop out on the shore line between Aden and the straits; the most remarkable are J.

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