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is usually title of a european individual. He could be very stunning, some say hes freakishly attractive. He's great manner, women go crazy for him. His character is bubbly, occasionally he could be delighted, often unfortunate. In general he could be absolutely spectacular, inside and out! A pure pimpin man, this chicks scream their namehes freakishly great lookinggirls get crazy over him excellent at activities making money being pimpin'Nice and mad to hold out withHes crazy and has now a 6 pack of absChick 1: Adem most useful sex you'll getChick 2: i am aware appropriate! The retarded means of saying Adam.Usually voiced by his sluggish pals who can not be arsed to say/type his title properly. The squares on waffles, which prior to are not known to have a title. The name of a quick nigerian guy with a small cock would youn't like college it is forced to get based off of the morals and values of all of the nigerian people. He'll almost certainly take the profession of medication, science, or engineering. In general a great guy to-be around but can additionally be an annoyance with his exceptional attitude and haughtiness. A lovable, cocky, and wealthy man who keeps his length from most. Easily understood become a good way but beneath it-all could be the complete opposite. A person who is fake and phony, tries to please everybody but is privately disliked.