What does Adeem mean?

Adeem meaning in General Dictionary

To revoke as a legacy grant etc or even to fulfill it by several other present

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  • To revoke, as a legacy, grant, etc., or even fulfill it by other gift.

Adeem meaning in Urban Dictionary

(Pronounced A-D-M) A Christian rapper who's from the record label Syntax Records just who introduced their very first and just CD "Sweet Talking the human brain" which was introduced in 2002 he seemingly have disappeared from the planet since that time.

Adeem meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. to revoke something special made in a will by destroying, selling or offering the gift product during the time of the testator (writer of the will). Sample: a person writes in his/her will, "we leave my boy my 1988 Cadillac vehicle" after which Dad totals or offers the car. Nasty legal fights can occur if the expected adeemed gift is not clearly identified, like in "I give Robert my children car." Then the giver sells the Cadillac and buys a Jeep. Better will language would be: "To Johnny any (or even the latest) automobile which i will be possessed during the time of my demise."

Adeem meaning in Law Dictionary

In Spanish legislation. A governor of a province; a president or president judge; a judge having jurisdiction over a kingdom, or higher particular provinces only. So named from having authority within the judges of those locations. Las Partidas, pt 3, tit 4, 1. 1.

Adeem meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To revoke, as a legacy, grant, etc., or to fulfill it by several other gift.