What does Addiction mean?

Addiction meaning in General Dictionary

The state of being hooked commitment inclination

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  • becoming uncommonly tolerant to and influenced by a thing that is mentally or literally habit-forming (especially liquor or narcotic medicines)
  • an abnormally strong craving
  • (Roman law) an official prize by a magistrate of a thing or individual someone else (while the prize of a debtor to his creditor); a surrender to a master
  • hawaii to be hooked; commitment; desire.

Addiction meaning in Medical Dictionary

An uncontrollable craving, searching for, and employ of a substance such liquor or another drug. Dependence is such an issue with addiction that stopping is very tough and causes severe actual and psychological reactions.

Addiction meaning in Law Dictionary

Becoming over dependant on a drug or practice. Preventing use causes withdrawl signs. Its a chronic disease that will require prolonged attention. Any extortionate craving.

Addiction meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "tendency," of practices, pursuits, etc.; 1640s as "condition to be self-addicted," from Latin addictionem (nominative addictio) "an awarding, a devoting," noun of action from past participle stem of addicere (see addict (v.)). Earliest feeling had been less severe: "inclination, penchant," but it has become outdated. In main modern feeling its first attested 1906, in mention of the opium (there is an isolated example from 1779, with reference to cigarette).

Addiction meaning in Business Dictionary

Over reliance on, and compulsive craving for, a drug (habit forming stimulating or narcotic material) such as for example liquor, cannabis, smoking, or a derivative of cocoa or poppy. During addiction, discontinuation of medication causes specific reactions (called detachment signs) such as perspiring, vomiting, and tremors which stop when the usage is resumed. Classified as a chronic and modern infection, it requires extended expert care for mitigation and remediation. Because in well-known consumption any extortionate craving (such for chocolate or fast foods) is called an addiction, whom suggests the utilization of the expression drug dependence when discussing medicine addiction.

Addiction meaning in Sexual Dictionary

strong physiological and emotional reliance or habitual usage of a substance or rehearse, despite the bad consequences of its usage.

Addiction meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Hawaii of being addicted; commitment; tendency.

Sentence Examples with the word Addiction

The addiction of the Franks in later centuries to the chase is evidenced by the frequency with which not only the laity but also the clergy were warned by provincial councils against expending so much of their time and money on hounds, hawks and falcons; and we have similar proof with regard to the habits of other Teutonic nations subsequent to the introduction of Christianity.

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