What does Adams mean?

Adams meaning in Names Dictionary

Variant of Adam: guy of this red earth. Adam ended up being 1st man-created by God.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Male

Adams meaning in General Dictionary

US Revolutionary frontrunner and patriot; an organizer regarding the Boston Tea Party and signer regarding the Declaration of Independence (1722-1803)

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  • 6th President associated with United States; child of John Adams (1767-1848)
  • a mountain peak in southwestern Washington inside Cascade Range (12,307 legs large)
  • second President associated with united states of america (1735-1826)

Sentence Examples with the word Adams

Meanwhile, during the progress of the expedition, an act had been passed creating Manitoba a province, with full powers of self-government, and the arrival of the military was closely followed by that of the first governor, Mr (later Sir) Adams G.

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