What does Adam's apple mean?

Adam's apple meaning in Medical Dictionary

The familiar function in the front regarding the throat that's the forward protrusion of this thyroid cartilage, the biggest cartilage of this larynx. It sometimes expand at puberty, especially in men. It is almost always thought to take its name through the extrabiblical story that a bit of the prohibited fruit stuck in Adam's neck.

Adam's apple meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1731, corresponding to Latin pomum Adami, possibly an inexact translation of Hebrew tappuah haadam, actually "man's swelling," from ha-adam "the person" + tappuah "anything inflamed." The reference is the legend that an item of the forbidden fruit (frequently believed to be an apple) that Eve gave Adam stuck in the neck. The expression is discussed in early 15c. since the title of a genuine oriental and Mediterranean fresh fruit, a number of lime with an indentation fancied to look like the marks of Adam's teeth.

Adam's apple meaning in General Dictionary

the greatest cartilage of the larynx

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  • tropical shrub having shiny foliage and fragrant nocturnal blossoms with crimped or wavy corollas; northern India to Thailand
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