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on PORN Scale of Tame to HardcoreAdam & Eve would be about "Victorian".So tame it's LAME.None of the clothes fit anybody aside from their particular designs and their particular "Toys" break faster than dime store gumball machine toys. And everybody knows it's no fun to possess that style of doll pass away at an inopportune time. Two very stupid idiots who were wear this Earth by 'God'.Now 'Jesus' chose to make every thing around Adam & Eve, as we view it today, a medication, for example, Weed and Acid (originates from a plant).Weed just isn't a medicine in the past, and shouldn't be now. Adam and Eve found an excellent way of smoking this and making LSD into 'Tabs', or they certainly were tripping off Shrooms, which would explain the two witnessing a 'talking' snake.They were trippin fo'!