What does Adam mean?

Adam meaning in General Dictionary

The name offered when you look at the Bible on first guy the progenitor of people

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  • Scottish architect just who created numerous public buildings in The united kingdomt and Scotland (1728-1792)
  • (Old Testament) in Judeo-Christian mythology; the initial guy while the husband of Eve together with progenitor of the human race
  • street brands for methylenedioxymethamphetamine
  • title provided in Bible into very first man, the progenitor for the people.
  • "initial sin;" man frailty.

Adam meaning in Names Dictionary

Red earth.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Male

Adam meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. correct title, Biblical title regarding the very first guy, progenitor for the people, from Hebrew adam "man," virtually "(usually the one created through the) surface" (Hebrew adamah "ground"); compare Latin homo "man," humanus "human," humus "earth, ground, soil." Not to understand (somebody) from Adam "maybe not understand him at all" is very first taped 1784.

Adam - German to English


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  • Y-chromosomal Adam

Adam meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Title provided within the Bible towards the very first guy, the progenitor of the people.

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  • (n.) "initial sin;" individual frailty.

Sentence Examples with the word Adam

The attempt (by Clemen and Beer) to place the TenWeeks Apocalypse before 167, because it makes no reference to the Maccabees, is not successful; for where the history of mankind from Adam to the final judgment is despatched in sixteen verses, such an omission need cause little embarrassment, and still less if the author is the determined foe of the Maccabees, whom he would probably have stigmatized as apostates, if he had mentioned them at all, just as he similarly brands all the Sadducean priesthood that preceded them to the time of the captivity.

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