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A division of Google, and absolutely nothing else but a number of thieves. They feature to market in your site, and provide you with a share of mulah, letting finances develop. After that at the apex of your financial glory, they disable your bank account and "refund your money towards the affected marketers." AKA, you will get jewed. Typically, they send you an e-mail with a bullshit reason saying your bank account is generating a risk of invalid activity, that might "financially harm" advertisers (as though it's going to even scratch their surfaces). Bing even has the nerve to express "thank you for your perseverance and understanding". People are usually supplied attraction kinds, but within chance of not receiving reinstated (or reinstated, after that cancelled once more) it isn't typically worthwhile. An ageist monopoly marketing program. They have been among just marketing and advertising programs that clearly require the consumer is over the age of 18, like many other solutions from Bing. It's not known why, but despite having this these are typically however a monopoly. They control about 80-90% of the web advertising industry. If you dont believe me go and look. Applying this service implies you support ageist monopolies destroying the world. You will be a sick sick person. Remember, you will find constantly non ageist, non monopolistic options available from other companies. Google AdSense is an advertisement offering system run by Bing. Webmasters can enroll in this program allow text, image, plus recently, video clip adverts on their internet sites. These commercials tend to be administered by Bing and create revenue on either a per-click or per-thousand-impressions foundation. Google normally at this time beta-testing a cost-per-action based service.