What does Acworth, Georgia mean?

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a straight wealthier suburb of Paulding County, samller city/town this is certainly in 4 various counties. Where in fact the children drive nicer cars than most adults therefore the grownups never drive, they're driven (or, just as often, the ladies drive H2's as well as the dads drive insanely little recreations vehicles.) Most man teenagers choose to drive insanely large jacked up UNITED STATES vehicles for offroading and woman adolescents prefer even more lexus/BMW/mercedes. Jeeps are seen EVERYWHERE. North Paulding highschool features anything from their preps to the stoners. Their college in addition looks like a college university. No-good places to chill, most of them become at Town Center Mall, fishing, off-roading, soothing in Acworth's good houses (Bent-Water & SevenHills) with hot tubs/pools/indoor concert halls, and consuming anyway the great places. Chick-fil-a may be the fast food of choice therefore the various other preferred spots tend to be Menchies, Los Angeles Prilla, and Los Angeles Bamba. They are able to definiatly be stereotyped. White, wealthy, christian, and part redneck. Absolutely southern, however rich as hell and classy. If you have resided here all life you understand every backroad, Black Acre Trail, and your means around Harmony Grove Church Road enjoy it's your job. Each time you determine to go anywhere, you might besides roll your house windows down and blast your kicks 101.5, you can also wish to maintain your offer the screen to wave to all the individuals you are going to pass, you are going to know 75% of them. There isn't any location like Acworth :)