What does Acute membranous gingivitis mean?

Acute membranous gingivitis meaning in Medical Dictionary

A progressive and painful illness regarding the mouth and neck as a result of scatter of infection from gums. Symptoms include ulceration, swelling, and sloughing away from lifeless structure from the lips and neck. Certain germs (including fusiform germs and spirochetes) were considered involved, nevertheless the real cause just isn't yet known. Similar to other defectively grasped diseases, intense membranous gingivitis passes other names, including severe necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, fusospirillary gingivitis, fusospirillosis, fusospirochetal gingivitis, necrotizing gingivitis, phagedenic gingivitis, trench mouth, ulcerative gingivitis, ulcerative stomatitis, Vincent angina, Vincent gingivitis, Vincent disease, and Vincent stomatitis.