What does Acute bronchitis mean?

Acute bronchitis meaning in Medical Dictionary

inflammation regarding the breathing pipes inside the lung area (bronchial pipes or bronchi) as a consequence of contamination (viral or bacterial) or a chemical irritant (such as for instance smoke or gastric acid reflux disorder). The inflammation triggers swelling of this lining of those respiration tubes, narrowing the pipes and advertising secretion of inflammatory fluid. Most often, severe bronchitis is because of a viral infection. Typical viruses that can cause bronchitis through the rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), together with influenza virus. Signs tend to be a cough that begins abruptly and include a runny nostrils, nasal stuffiness, and sore throat. Rather than intense bronchitis, persistent bronchitis is a long-term condition with an everyday coughing with sputum manufacturing for at the least 3 months, couple of years consecutively. Cigarette smoking is a significant risk aspect for the improvement both severe and chronic bronchitis. See in addition chronic bronchitis.

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For these reasons it may also be given with advantage to children suffering from acute bronchitis or acute laryngitis.

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