What does Acute Intra-sistaitis mean?

Acute Intra-sistaitis meaning in Urban Dictionary

a rather serious infection impacting the interior body organs. Its takes place when the host (frequently non-black) is housing a younger middle age soulful black woman. This said black girl often grows inside the number influencing their particular songs style, vernacular, and often associated with noisy outburst of soulful hearty singing unexpectedly. This persist undetected through to the untimely end of the incubation process (frequently into the thirty days of February , during Kwanzaa, or sometime at soulful R&B shows and occasionally at chapel services). resulting in the number being consumed and bought out entirely. But not deadly, discover a largely notable rise in mindset, melatonin, and overall spruce and sassiness once this technique has operate its training course. ...Do your part to identify AIS since you are able to.