What does Actuary mean?

Actuary meaning in General Dictionary

A registrar or clerk utilized originally in process of law of civil law jurisdiction but in Europe utilized for a clerk or registrar usually

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  • some one versed in collection and explanation of numerical data (especially someone who uses statistics to calculate insurance fees)
  • A registrar or clerk; -- utilized originally in courts of civil law jurisdiction, however in Europe useful for a clerk or registrar typically.
  • The computing authoritative of an insurance coverage business; one whoever occupation its to calculate for insurers the risks and premiums for life, fire, alongside insurances.

Actuary meaning in Finance Dictionary

an individual trained and specialising in threat, data and finance which gives suggestions about insurance and pension business. Computations created by actuaries include such items as premiums, bonus repayments and life expectancy etc.

Actuary meaning in Law Dictionary

In English ecclesiastical legislation. A clerk that registers the acts and constitutions of the lower household of convocation ; or a registrar in a court christian. Additionally an officer appointed to help keep savings financial institutions accounts; the computing officer of an insurance coverage organization; someone skilled in determining the value of life passions, annuities, and insurances.

Actuary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, "registrar, clerk," from Latin actuarius "copyist, account-keeper," from actus "public business" (see act (n.)). Modern-day insurance company definition very first recorded 1849.

Actuary meaning in Business Dictionary

registered statistician just who utilizes experience tables (eg mortality tables and morbidity tables) to asses life expectancy various age ranges. Frequently used as insurance underwriters, actuaries employ mathematical ideas of likelihood in determination of insurance dangers, plus management of pension resources.

Actuary meaning in Insurance Dictionary

a person, frequently holding a professional designation—for example, Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial community (FCAS)—who computes data regarding insurance coverage, typically calculating loss reserves and establishing advanced rates.

Actuary meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A registrar or clerk; -- used initially in courts of civil law jurisdiction, in European countries utilized for a clerk or registrar typically.

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  • (letter.) The computing official of an insurance business; one whose occupation its to calculate for insurance firms the risks and premiums forever, fire, also insurances.

Sentence Examples with the word Actuary

There, however, he remained only six months, for certain views on slavery, strongly held and injudiciously expressed, entailed unpleasant consequences, and necessitated his return to England, where he obtained in 1844 the post of actuary to the Legal and Equitable Life Assurance Company.

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