What does Acton California mean?

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A small hick town put between Palmdale and SCV. It really is inhabited by wannabe rednecks, cowgirls, bros, and bro hoes and just about everyone that everyday lives here will always be right here until they pass away. And then after that be buried when you look at the local cemetery. There is next to nothing to do except ride horses or dust bicycles and attend ridiculous events in which you will be able to see 13 year olds puking everywhere. The high-school is certainly one big trailer playground (for this reason title “trailer rubbish high”) with an illegal dome positioned in the center of the college that no person can use. They can’t hold a principle for more than a-year and when they’re lucky, instructors tend to stay for a complete semester. Individuals which reside here need to know every little information about everyone so they really have actually something to gossip about within their daily pathetic lives. But there are those choose few that manage to escape by-passing Vasquez rocks and recognizing that Acton is a total shithole. Then you can find those who only can’t handle this city and commit suicide (that is a standard reoccurrence right here). Should you want to survive, you need to become in the event that you truly give a shit in regards to the insignificant crap that continues inside city therefore the folks in it. Or imagine you have actually a southern accent and state that you like Texas even though you have not also been there.