What does Activiwhore mean?

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Activiwhore is the mixture of the text "activity" and "whore." An activiwhore is an individual who doesn't the pleasure from a particular activity one season therefore the the next occasion around they do another thing. They switch up their routines so they can encounter all of the tasks that they're in a position to join, or they come to be bored with the game that they're in and opt to join a new one. While achieving this, additionally they find out they do well at precisely what they make an effort to do although they do not enjoy it. Since they are in a lot of activities and they are great at them, everybody knows who they are and admires them. Also, they are anyone that everyone loves, it is incredibly envious of these at precisely the same time. Folks are way more jealous among these individuals since they're quite often physically attractive too but most attention from the other gender. Occasionally the interest off their individuals forces the problem to the stage in which this person has actually countless acquaintances, but not many buddies because a lot of individuals are afraid to invite all of them out in worry they could one up all of them in something.