What does ActiveX mean?

ActiveX meaning in Law Dictionary

microsoft software like java. Object linking signal and website data are employed. It bridges the gap between programming languages. It is vulnerable. Refer to javabeans.

ActiveX meaning in Business Dictionary

Microsoft Corporation's component computer software that duplicates some capabilities of Java. According to item connecting and embedding (OLE) technology, permits inclusion of executable rule in a document or website. In a networked environment (including the Web), it permits software elements written in various programming languages to have interaction collectively via messaging aided by the Windows os. ActiveX settings are recognized to be naturally insecure by which unauthorized accessibility some type of computer might obtained. See additionally Javabeans.

ActiveX meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

ActiveX is an expansion to Microsoft's OLE and COM technologies used in applications as well as on the Internet. Using ActiveX, an Internet internet browser can interact with your pc significantly more than what's offered through HTML. Including, ActiveX allows users to scan their computer for viruses in their internet browser making use of online anti-virus scanners or scan their computer system for almost any Microsoft windows changes.

ActiveX meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

ActiveX is a technology introduced by Microsoft in 1996 within the OLE framework. It offers an accumulation of prewritten software components that designers can implement within a credit card applicatoin or webpage. This gives an easy means for coders to include extra functionality with their pc software or website without needing to write code from scratch. Computer software accessories created with ActiveX are known as ActiveX controls. These controls are implemented in all types of programs, but they are most often distributed as little online programs. Including, a simple ActiveX control might display a clock on a webpage. Advanced ActiveX controls can be utilized for generating stock tickers, interactive presentations, and/or Web-based games. ActiveX settings resemble Java applets, but explain to you the ActiveX framework rather than the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). What this means is you really must have ActiveX set up on your pc in order to view ActiveX controls within browser. Furthermore, whenever loading a custom ActiveX control within a webpage, you might be encouraged to put in it. Should this happen, you should only accept the download in case it is from a dependable supply. While ActiveX offer a convenient way for web-developers to include interactive content with their web sites, the technology is not sustained by all browsers. Actually, ActiveX is only officially supported by Internet Explorer for Microsoft windows. Consequently, ActiveX controls are rarely used in today's web pages. As an alternative, most interactive content is posted utilizing Flash, JavaScript, or embedded media.