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Boring area in northern Virginia, also referred to as Annandale, which high in old white individuals, hispanic time laborers, MS-13 punks, and Koreans of centuries. Retail signage is normally in Korean and the Washington article features dubbed the location "Koreatown." A punk rock band whose name is derived from the town where in fact the users was raised: Allendale, NJ. The residents of Allendale began to sarcastically phone their particular city Actiondale since it's full and complete lack of Action. Now Actiondale, the musical organization, contains Alex Tullo, Matt Fugazzie, Bill Schalvis and Chirs Garcia are completing the void left by the passage of Blink-182 within the land of pop music punk masterpieces. They will be releasing their first cd, entitled 'Welcome to Actiondale' and touring within the Fall of 2006.