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The scripting language developed by Macromedia (today Adobe) for usage with Flash, a rich news format that pushes most interactive experiences on the Web today. ActionScript is created based on the ECMA-262 standard, the same standard JavaScript will be based upon. ActionScript was offered within the Flash IDE variation 4 with very standard controls mainly to regulate the beginning and playing of specific frames. Starting in Flash 5, ActionScript has-been expanded become full-fledged scripting language and had been eventually editable within a text editor.With Flash MX 2004 (multiple FP version 7), Macromedia launched ActionScript 2.0, a much revised variation that supports strict adjustable typing and class-based construct. AS2 revolutionizes Flash development and allows huge and complex surroundings become built while utilizing many object-oriented programming concepts. Adobe (purchased Macromedia in 2006) happens to be busy taking care of ActionScript 3.0, which considerably expands on like' matured condition. AS3 happens to be designed for Flex 2.0 development, and is likely to be circulated for Flash IDE with version 9. The main scripting language for macromedia flash, primarily based on javascript and css.