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A segment on Kablam! that eventually had its very own show.It contained activity figures and dolls, being animated by stop movement and real time motion. It used "Chuckimation" which can be "chucking" the dolls across the display screen to really make the illusion it is flying/moving. The four heroes were The Flesh (the stupid one), Thunder woman (the powerful feminine because of the brain who can fly), Stinky Diver (the former Navy Commando with an Aussie accent), and Meltman (a melted activity figure who's a crush on Thundergirl but cannot have her; everyone thinks he is ineffective but he's usually the underdog and saves the afternoon).The Action League's supervisor may be the Chief, and then he has actually your dog named Justice. The villain regarding the program is often the Mayor, though there are other villains like HodgePodge occasionally. Ironically, the Action League is generally unique worst opponent simply because they develop a lot of the chaos. Another character on ALN! is Bill the Lab man, that is perhaps a ripoff of Bill Nye the Science man. He's a useless scientist, whom in the example of their help being required, he claims "There's nothing I am able to do" or "I was scared of this!" The Flesh, is obviously a modified version of a "Conan the Adventurer" figure. Thundergirl is probably a Barbie head-on some sort of activity figure body that was manufactured in a personal doll factory. Stinky Diver is identical to a "Navy Seals: Shipwreck" GI Joe Figure except their gloves and flippers are purple instead of green/black. Meltman might be just a melted activity figure created from a mold and stated in a toy factory the show. Other activity figures on tv show are Playskool Doll House numbers from 1990s, and are mainly employed for the residents of anywhere the Action League resides.Although it had a segment on every tv show Kablam!, it became its own tv show, therefore don't last for very long and was in the course of time terminated. It frequently emerged on after "Butt Ugly Martians" that has been additionally terminated. Very few people know this, but before Kablam!, Action League Now! had been really on All That a couple of times.