What does Actaeon mean?

Actaeon meaning in Names Dictionary

In ancient greek language mythology Actaeon had been a hunter dismembered by their own puppies.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Male

Actaeon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in Greek mythology, the name associated with the hunter which found Artemis bathing and ended up being altered by the girl to a stag and torn to death by his hounds. The name is of unidentified source. Occasionally made use of figuratively in 17c. for "a cuckold" (as a result of his "horns").

Sentence Examples with the word Actaeon

It was on Cithaeron that Actaeon was changed into a stag, that Pentheus was torn to pieces by the Bacchantes whose orgies he had been watching, and that the infant Oedipus was exposed.

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