What does Acrophobia mean?

Acrophobia meaning in Medical Dictionary

An abnormally extortionate and persistent concern with levels. Sufferers experience severe anxiety although they usually recognize that, usually, heights pose no genuine menace for them.

Acrophobia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"morbid anxiety about heights," 1887, medical Latin, from Greek akros "at the end, the top" (see acrid) + -phobia "fear." Created by Italian physician Dr. Andrea Verga in a paper explaining the illness, from where Verga himself suffered. Inside report, read significantly over last year at congress of alienists at Pavia, the author tends to make confession of their own severe dread of high locations. Though fearless associated with contagion of cholera, he has palpitations on installing a step-ladder, finds it unpleasant to ride on the top of a coach or even watch out of even a first-story window, and contains never used an elevator. ["American Journal of Psychology," Nov. 1888, abstract of Verga's report]

Acrophobia meaning in General Dictionary

a morbid concern about great levels