What does Acroamatic mean?

Acroamatic meaning in General Dictionary

Communicated orally oral placed on the esoteric teachings of Aristotle those meant for their real disciples in difference from their exoteric doctrines that have been adjusted to outsiders or the public usually For this reason Abstruse profound

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  • Alt. of Acroamatical

Acroamatic meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Communicated by mouth. Used especialy to Aristotle's more private teachings to their choose higher level students. Hence, esoteric, abstruse. -- C.A.B.

Acroamatic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Acroamatical

Sentence Examples with the word Acroamatic

He says that Aristotle (I) divided his commentationes and arts taught to his pupils into i wrspuch and IcKpoarcKa; (2) taught the latter in the morning walk (iwOcvov 7rEpi-rraTov), the former in the evening walk (SaXcvew 71Epi-zrarov); (3) divided his books in the same manner; (4) defended himself against Alexander's letter, complaining that it was not right to his pupils to have published his acroamatic works, by replying in a letter that they were published and not published, because they are intelligible only to those who heard them.

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