What does Acquired immunity mean?

Acquired immunity meaning in Medical Dictionary

Immunity obtained by disease or vaccination (energetic immunity) or because of the transfer of antibody or lymphocytes from an immune donor (passive immunity). Obtained resistance is in contrast to innate resistance (normal immunity).

Acquired immunity meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

is the resistance that can be developed to an ailment or illness that a pet would ordinarily fall sufferer to. There are lots of main reasons why this can be, therefore can be a working immunity (antibodies build through having the infection) or passive resistance (e.g., resistance handed down through mommy's milk or an animal's serum).

Acquired immunity meaning in General Dictionary

immunity to a certain disease that isn't innate but was obtained during life; resistance can be acquired because of the growth of antibodies after an attack of an infectious illness or by a pregnant mother passing antibodies through the placenta to a fetus or by vaccination

Sentence Examples with the word Acquired immunity

This acquired immunity is brought about by the development of a protective body as a result of the struggle of the cells and fluids of the body with the invading bacteria and their toxins.

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