What does Acoustic mean?

Acoustic meaning in General Dictionary

A medicine or agent to help hearing

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  • with respect to the feeling of reading the organs of hearing or perhaps the science of sounds auditory
  • of or concerning the research of acoustics
  • an answer for hearing loss or deafness
  • with respect to the sense of hearing, the body organs of hearing, or the science of sounds; auditory.
  • A medicine or representative to aid hearing.

Acoustic meaning in Medical Dictionary

relating to noise or hearing. The acoustic nerve (the 8th cranial nerve) can be involved with hearing and the sense of stability and mind place. An acoustic neuroma is a benign cyst from the acoustic neurological.

Acoustic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from French acoustique, from Greek akoustikos "pertaining to hearing," from akoustos "heard, audible," spoken adjective from akouein "to hear," probably from copulative prefix a- (see a- (3)) + koein "to mark, perceive, hear," from PIE *kous- "to hear," which will be perhaps from root *(s)keu- "to notice, observe" (see caveat). Electric guitar (unlike electric) attested by 1958. Associated: Acoustical; acoustically.

Acoustic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Refers to the noise properties of certain item.

Acoustic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Pertaining to the feeling of hearing, the organs of hearing, and/or technology of sounds; auditory.

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  • (letter.) A medicine or representative to help hearing.

Sentence Examples with the word Acoustic

The acoustic quality of a room may be improved by breaking up the smooth surfaces by curtains or by arrangement of furniture.

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