What does Acne vulgaris mean?

Acne vulgaris meaning in Medical Dictionary

the normal kind of acne, in adolescents and youngsters, which because of overactivity of oil (sebaceous) glands in the epidermis that become plugged and irritated. Acne typically develops once the oil glands come to life around puberty and are also stimulated by male bodily hormones which are stated in the adrenal glands of both girls and boys. Remedies consist of maintaining skin clean and avoiding annoying soaps, meals, drinks, and cosmetic makeup products. Severe pimples and zits in those who are at risk of scarring can usually be treated with skin medications and oral medicines. Skin damaged by acne are enhanced with therapy by a dermatologist or facial technologist making use of dermabrasion (sanding), removal of scarring via laser, and substance skins. Also referred to as pimples.

Acne vulgaris meaning in General Dictionary

the most common kind of pimples; often impacts people from puberty to younger adulthood