What does Acidophilus mean?

Acidophilus meaning in Medical Dictionary

Bacteria found in yogurt which will help restore a supportive microbial environment to an intestinal system whose regular intestinal bacterial populace ("flora") has-been interrupted by condition or antibiotics.

Acidophilus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1920, made use of of milk fermented by acidophilic germs, from acidophil (1900), a hybrid word, from Latin acidus "acidic" (see acid (adj.)) + Greek philos "loving" (see -phile); the micro-organisms so-called since they stain easily with an acid dye.

Acidophilus meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a phrase accustomed explain an organism that has a tendency to thrive in an acid environment, eg earth abundant with acid.

Acidophilus meaning in General Dictionary

a bacterium that is used in order to make yogurt also to augment probiotics