What does Acid rain mean?

Acid rain meaning in Medical Dictionary

Rain or precipitation which has increased levels of hydrogen ions. Elevated hydrogen amounts decrease pH levels. Diminished pH amount creates an acidic environment. Acid rainfall outcomes through the mixture of fossil gas emissions and liquid when you look at the environment. The environmental ramifications of acid rain are the acidification of lakes and channels, harm to trees at high-altitude, the speed of decay in structures and poorer quality of air.

Acid rain meaning in Law Dictionary

Rainfall with slightly acid nature. Sulfur and nitrogen will be the main acids. It damages plants and takes calcuim from soil leaving plants imbalanced. Reference acid depositoin.

Acid rain meaning in Business Dictionary

Many rain is typically somewhat acidic because of the carbonic-acid from co2 in environment. But 'acid rainfall' is caused whenever sulfur (sulphur) dioxide and nitrogen oxides (from car exhausts and professional emissions) tend to be beaten up from the environment by rainfall as weak sulfuric (sulphuric) and nitric acid. Acidic rain could cause serious injury to plants, and leaches calcium ions from earth and plant departs causing an ionic imbalance. See additionally acid deposition.

Acid rain meaning in General Dictionary

rainfall containing acids that form when you look at the environment whenever commercial fuel emissions (especially sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) match liquid