What does Acid deposition mean?

Acid deposition meaning in Medical Dictionary

A complex substance and atmospheric event occurring whenever emissions of sulfur and nitrogen substances along with other substances tend to be transformed by chemical processes into the environment and then deposited on the planet either in damp or dried out kind. The damp kinds, popularly called acid rain, can fall to earth as rainfall, snow, or fog. The dried out forms are acidic fumes or particulates.

Acid deposition meaning in Law Dictionary

The chemical combination that causes sulfur dioxide and nitorgen oxides to help make an acidic mixture. They've been deposited in the ground as rain, snowfall, fog, or dust.

Acid deposition meaning in Business Dictionary

Combination of substance and atmospheric phenomenon that occurs whenever fumes containing sulfur (sulphur) dioxide and nitrogen oxides form acid substances. These substances are deposited on ground far from the point of their beginning as acidic rainfall, acid snowfall, acid fog or dry fine acid dust.