What does Acid Trip-Hop mean?

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A mixture of vulgarity from horrorcore genre, with a hint of commercial melody that will confinde much more interesting to the mind/minds of emotionally unstable/entoxicated people. Using the simulation of an Acid travel along with the "blood and gore" endused thought-provoking lyrics this makes Acid Trip-Hop a complex and challenging understand sub-genre of Death Rap. Perhaps one of the most understood Acid Trip Hop designers is ChadWicked, which claims to possess developed the style. www.myspace.com/cwickedppl. (this is simply not a promotional definiton, simply saying). Acidic journey jump is a really contrevesial design which contains figmits discribing impression, revovles heavily on death, murder, cannibalisim, medications, physical violence, tripping, paranoia, and despair. Not merely one quite populare sub-genres in rap tradition, it is reported to be the future of him hop music.