What does Achonce mean?

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An odd types of types that arises from the name of Ashley. It is the change pride of this Ashley which can be created by the split personality. The Achonce is a vile creature which annoys many and contains a tendency to show up places unexpectedly like a shadow. Additionally does not have a gender since it is so mystical. The Achonce in addition likes to keep in touch with its self on the computer. When it's maybe not talking towards definition in life the Achonce possesses the Ashley and wreaks havoc on innocent beings by conversing with all of them as well. The Achonce wants to cause people to uncomfortable and flourishes off embarassement. Many still find it simply the Ashley playing an evil laugh but actually it will be the Achonce which consists of head control on Ashley. Achonce is also in love with :putnam: the stupid face book smiley that no body seems to know the reason why he's here. The Achonce keeps believes in order to keep shrines and keeps a shrine of putnam.