What does Achilles tendon mean?

Achilles tendon meaning in General Dictionary

The powerful tendon formed of this united tendons of big muscle tissue when you look at the calf for the leg an inserted in to the bone associated with the heel so named from the mythological account of Achilles becoming held by the heel when dipped in the River Styx

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  • a large tendon that runs through the heel into calf

Achilles tendon meaning in Medical Dictionary

among the longest tendons within the body, a tough sinew that attaches the calf muscle toward straight back of the heel bone (calcaneus). Title arises from Greek mythology: The hero Achilles ended up being invulnerable to injury with the exception of their heel, which proved their downfall with regards to had been pierced by Paris's arrow. It has additionally shown, virtually, becoming the downfall of several professional athletes with experienced the abrupt pain of their rupture.

Achilles tendon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

from Modern Latin tendo Achillis, very first employed by German surgeon Heister and so-called in mention of the one susceptible place regarding the great Greek hero Achilles, whose mom held him because of the heel whenever she dipped him within the River Styx to make him invulnerable (though this tale isn't in Homer rather than found before 1c. C.E.). Earlier on Achilles' sinew, from Modern Latin chorda Achillis, coined 1693 by Dutch anatomist Philip Verheyden whenever dissecting his or her own amputated knee. Ergo figurative utilization of heel of Achillies for "vulnerable place" (1810).

Achilles tendon meaning in Sports Dictionary

The large tendon that joins the calf muscles toward heel. The tendor becomes inflamed and cause great pain in the heel associated with foot. (recreation: Sports Injuries)