What does Acetic acid mean?

Acetic acid meaning in Medical Dictionary

The acid most commonly associated with vinegar. Acetic acid is a two-carbon carboxylic acid. Its formula is: CH3COOH. It's the many commercially crucial natural acid and it is utilized in the make of an extensive variety of chemical items, such as for example plastic materials and pesticides.

Acetic acid meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Wine or cider that fermented beyond the phase of liquor. In a diluted kind acetic acid is vinegar. Acetic acid normally found in protecting fruits to help keep them from discoloring.

Acetic acid meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Chemically called CH3COOH. Within the veterinary context, acetic acid is employed within the fermentation of lactic acid and an essential element of flavor in some dairy products.

Acetic acid meaning in General Dictionary

a colorless pungent liquid trusted in production plastic materials and pharmaceuticals

Sentence Examples with the word Acetic acid

Anilides, compounds in which the amino group is substituted by an acid radical, are prepared by heating aniline with certain acids; antifebrin or acetanilide is thus obtained from acetic acid and aniline.

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