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Ace Combat Zero is a prequal to Ace overcome 5. It centers around a mercenary group from Ustio, Galm Team. Galm Team consits of main protaganist, Ciper (literally Zero in Japanese) and his wingman Solo Wing Pixy (Pixy for brief). Ciper and Pixy are employed on as Ustio mercenaries and are an integral asset in operating back the Belkans just who invaded their nieghbors. Ciper and his wingman must take in Belkan Aces in all sizes and shapes. The overall game is narrorated from third-person by some journalist who also interviews the aces you fight with. There are numerous ways to end the video game, and unlike Ace Combat 5, you'll pick your weapon. The video game concludes to you succesfully stopping the terrorist organization 'some sort of With No Boundries".