What does Ace Attorney mean?

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A courtroom/crime crisis series by Capcom which were only available in Japan in 2001 as a GameBoy Advance game known as Gyakuten Saiban. Additionally identified by its rather popular titular character, Phoenix Wright. You essentially must explore every crime, with interesting/annoying characters as you go along then battle it out in courtroom with prosecutors who are German or arrogant as f***. In addition, 3 for the games possess assistants underage for no goddamn reason. Has actually at this time 5 games released in the US, 7 in Japan (not including one spinoff) and another announced for both areas. Features a crapton of Mangas and Artbooks. Comes with quite the availability of rabid fangirls who're going to ship every two figures when you look at the show collectively. THESE. Their particular followers concentrate on the show, to the point that whenever the main character changed for when many of them had been therefore furious Phoenix Wright must get back. Also, has its own ask roleplay blog sites on Tumblr.Titular Characters: Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth