What does Accuracy mean?

Accuracy meaning in General Dictionary

The state to be accurate freedom from blunders this exemption as a result of carefulness exact conformity to truth or even to a rule or design accuracy exactness nicety correctness once the value of testimony is based on its reliability

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  • the caliber of being near to the real worth
  • (mathematics) the number of considerable figures given in lots
  • their state of being precise; freedom from blunders, your exemption as a result of carefulness; specific conformity to truth, or to a guideline or design; accuracy; exactness; nicety; correctness; because, the worth of testimony is dependent upon its precision.

Accuracy meaning in Law Dictionary

having less mistake in bookkeeping. All the values tend to be deemed proper. The number of feasible error in engineering. The actual quantity of distinction between predicted performance and actual performance. The nearness a musical instrument measures. Refer to accuracy.

Accuracy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from precise + -cy.

Accuracy meaning in Sports Dictionary

Competitive aspect of towlaunched paragliding involving extremely accurate spot landings. (sport: Paragliding)

Accuracy meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Freedom from error (correctness), or nearness to truth or fact, caused by exercise of painstaking attention or research. Precision relies on the way the data is collected, and is generally evaluated by comparing a few dimensions through the same or various sources. 2. Bookkeeping: (1) a financial record product is judged accurate whenever all account balances a part of it are correct in (a) price, (b) presentation, and (c) disclosure of product information. (2) a merchant account balance is evaluated precise whenever all elements contained in it (including assets, costs, equities, debts, reserves) are proper in (a) value, and (b) classification. (3) a course of transactions is evaluated precise when all accounting events a part of it tend to be correct in (a) price, and (b) information. 3. Engineering: Ratio of a mistake on selection of feasible output (full-scale production) values. 4. Forecasting: level of fit (coordinating) amongst the forecasts together with actual information. 5. Testing: level of the closeness (to real price) where a guitar actions or senses the value of a variable being assessed or sensed. See in addition precision.

Accuracy meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A term used to explain something that is near its true value or acknowledged standard. Like, a pc may perform an accurate mathematics calculation that's right using the information provided, it is perhaps not the precise price.

Accuracy meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

How closely a measured worth agrees with the correct worth.

Accuracy meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The state of being accurate; freedom from mistakes, this exemption due to carefulness; specific conformity to truth, or to a rule or model; precision; exactness; nicety; correctness; because, the worthiness of testimony will depend on its accuracy.

Sentence Examples with the word Accuracy

The automatic sight has, however, distinct limitations; it depends for its accuracy on height of site, and at long ranges even from a high site it cannot compare for accuracy with independent range-finding and careful laying or accurately applied quadrant elevation; it is also useless when the water line of the target is obscured, as may often be the case from the splashes caused by bursting shell.

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