What does Accumulation mean?

Accumulation meaning in General Dictionary

The act of acquiring their state of being gathered or what is gathered as an accumulation of planet of sand of evils of wealth of awards

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  • an increase by normal growth or inclusion
  • (finance) earnings that are not given out as dividends but they are put into the capital foot of the business
  • the act of gathering
  • a number of things grouped together or considered as an entire
  • The act of amassing, their state to be accumulated, or what is gathered; since, an accumulation of planet, of sand, of evils, of wide range, of awards.
  • The concurrence of a few brands to the same proof.

Accumulation meaning in Finance Dictionary

1. Regular financial investment of a hard and fast dollar amount in a mutual fund with dividends reinvested.

Accumulation meaning in Law Dictionary

Giving profits to a firm in the place of giving dividends. Purchasing commodities but not selling. Including any compound to your environment which is not eco friendly. Reference retained profits.

Accumulation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., from Latin accumulationem (nominative accumulatio) "a heaping up," noun of action from past participle stem of accumulare "to heap up, amass," from ad- "in inclusion" (see ad-) + cumulare "heap up," from cumulus "heap" (see cumulus).

Accumulation meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Assigning profit to company's capital reserve as opposed to circulating it as dividends. See additionally retained earnings. 2. Buying a product or protection without selling it. 3. Successive additions of a substance that stays within a human anatomy or environment, and it is maybe not biodegraded, excreted, or neutralized.

Accumulation meaning in Insurance Dictionary

In property-casualty (P&C) insurance, refers to the total mixed risks that could possibly be involved with an individual reduction occasion (concerning a number of insured perils).

Accumulation meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of accumulating, hawaii of being built up, or whatever is gathered; because, a build up of planet, of sand, of evils, of wealth, of awards.

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  • (n.) The concurrence of several games toward same proof.

Sentence Examples with the word Accumulation

This result is partly due to their period of accumulation and growth extending even months after the period of collection by the ripening cereals has terminated, and at the season when nitrification within the soil is most active, and the accumulation of nitrates in it is the greatest.

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