What does Accountant mean?

Accountant meaning in General Dictionary


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  • person who renders account one accountable
  • an individual who maintains and audits company reports
  • a person who renders account; one accountable.
  • A reckoner.
  • one that is competent in, keeps, or changes, reports; an officer in a public office, who has got fee regarding the reports.
  • Accountable.

Accountant meaning in Dream Dictionary

Most people often dream of an accountant during tax some time its your mind letting you know becoming more organized. If its not income tax some time you dream of an accountant means you are carrying out a great work by examining all of the little information.  Your not going to be taken benefit any longer.

Accountant meaning in Law Dictionary

party been trained in accounting and finance methods. They make annual reports, statements, make decisions, program, and advise on income tax and investments. Reference accounting.

Accountant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "accounting officer, one that renders records," from Old French acuntant (contemporary French accomptant), from present participle of accompter (see account (v.)). Sense of "professional manufacturer of records" is taped from 1530s. The phrase additionally had been an adjective in center English, "accountable; liable to make accounts" (early 15c.).

Accountant meaning in Sports Dictionary

The official which collates the judges' markings and handles the placing of rivals. (sport: Figure Skating)

Accountant meaning in Business Dictionary

competent individual who is trained in accounting plus planning, auditing and analysis of reports. Accountants prepare annual reports and financial statements for planning and decision-making, and advise on income tax regulations and financial investment possibilities. See in addition accounting.

Accountant meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One that renders account; one accountable.

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  • (n.) A reckoner.
  • (n.) One that is skilled in, maintains, or adjusts, reports; an officer in a public workplace, who's charge regarding the accounts.
  • (a.) Accountable.

Sentence Examples with the word Accountant

Kristoffer is first heard of in 1639, as overseer and accountant at the court of Duke Frederick.

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