What does Account mean?

Account meaning in General Dictionary

To render or obtain a free account or connection of particulars as an officer must account with or even to the treasurer for cash obtained

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  • A reckoning computation calculation enumeration an archive of some reckoning as Julian account of the time
  • be the sole or main factor in the presence, purchase, supply, or disposal of anything
  • keep a free account of
  • to give a merchant account or representation of in terms
  • furnish a justifying evaluation or description
  • an official contractual relationship established to deliver for regular financial or brokerage or business services
  • a statement of recent transactions plus the resulting balance
  • grounds
  • the work of informing by spoken report
  • a brief account of the development
  • a statement which makes one thing comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or procedure or circumstances an such like.
  • an itemized statement of income owed for items delivered or solutions rendered
  • a record or narrative description of past activities
  • importance or price
  • the grade of taking benefit
  • A reckoning; computation; calculation; enumeration; a record of some reckoning; since, the Julian account of time.
  • A registry of pecuniary deals; a written or imprinted declaration of business transactions or debts and credits, as well as of other things subjected to a reckoning or review; since, maintain an individual's account at the bank.
  • A statement overall of factors, causes, grounds, etc., explanatory of some occasion; as, no satisfactory account happens to be offered among these phenomena. Ergo, the term is normally utilized simply for reason, ground, consideration, motive, etc.; because, on no account, on per account, on all reports.
  • A statement of facts or events; recital of deals; a relation or narrative; a written report; an information; as, an account of a battle.
  • A statement and explanation or vindication of one's conduct with regards to wisdom thereon.
  • An estimate or estimation; valuation; wisdom.
  • value; worth; value; advantage; revenue.
  • To reckon; to compute; to count.
  • To place to 1's account; to place on credit of; to assign; -- with to.
  • To worth, estimate, or hold in viewpoint; to guage or consider; to deem.
  • To recount; to relate.
  • To make or get a merchant account or relation of particulars; because, an officer must account with or to the treasurer for money got.
  • To render an account; to resolve in wisdom; -- with for; as, we ought to take into account the usage our opportunities.
  • to offer an effective explanation; to tell the reason for; to describe; -- with concerning; as, idleness accounts for poverty.

Account meaning in Dream Dictionary

Any dream that people notice bank accounts we need to tighten up our devices and save.  You may be concerned economically towards future.

Account meaning in Law Dictionary

record of alterations in monetary matters particularly possessions, products, and solutions. Legally it's a contract to report amounts because of or recieved.

Account meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "reckoning of money received and compensated," from Old French acont "account, reckoning, terminal payment," from a "to" (see ad-) + cont "counting, reckoning of income to be paid," from Late Latin computus "a calculation," from Latin computare "determine" (see compute). Indicating "amount of (one's) profit a bank" is from 1833. Sense of "narration" is very first attested 1610s. Plural records made use of as a collective or singular in expressions such as for example to give reports (of some thing), is from mid-13c. Term by all accounts is attested from 1798.

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  • c.1300, "to count, enumerate," from Old French aconter "to count, render account" (Modern French conter), from a "to" (see ad-) + conter "to count, tell" (see matter (v.)). Indicating "to reckon for money provided or obtained, render a reckoning," is from belated 14c.; sense of "to describe" (c.1710) is from thought of "answer for cash held in trust." Transferred sense of "value" is from belated 14c. Associated: Accounted; accounting.

Account meaning in Cooking Dictionary

a producers' term for a merchant or wholesaler that purchases and resells the company's services and products.

Account meaning in Business Dictionary

1.u000du000aAccounting: Chronological record of alterations in the worthiness of an entity's possessions, liabilities, and also the owners' equity; every one of which will be represented by a different page in ledger. See additionally accounting equation and reports. u000du000au000du000au000du000a2.u000du000aBanking: Continuing financial relationship between a lender and a person, which build up and debts take place and prepared within a framework of established rules and processes.u000du000au000du000au000du000a3.u000du000aCommerce: On-going contractual commitment between a customer and seller whereby payment for items gotten is made at another time (usually thirty day period). See in addition charge account and open account.u000du000au000du000au000du000a4.u000du000aLegislation: Obligation of each and every party to an agreement or cooperation to account to other(s) for amounts gotten or because of.u000du000au000du000au000du000a5.u000du000aProviders: customer of a marketing, brokerage, consulting, marketing and advertising, or pr firm.

Account meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

an account with a multiple-user community, web solution, computer, or any other service that monitors private information such legal rights, individual private information, accessibility data, and other relevant individual information. As an example, whenever a person creates an account on the Computer Hope discussion boards they could enter information regarding their particular computer, keep track of posts they generate, and deliver private messages to other reports regarding forum.

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Account meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A reckoning; calculation; calculation; enumeration; an archive of some reckoning; since, the Julian account of the time.

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  • (letter.) A registry of pecuniary deals; a written or printed declaration of company transactions or debts and credits, and of other items afflicted by a reckoning or review; since, to help keep an individual's account within bank.
  • (letter.) A statement generally speaking of reasons, triggers, reasons, etc., explanatory of some event; as, no satisfactory account is given of these phenomena. Ergo, the phrase is frequently used only for reason, floor, consideration, motive, etc.; since, on no account, on every account, on all accounts.
  • (letter.) A statement of realities or occurrences; recital of transactions; a relation or narrative; a study; a description; since, an account of a battle.
  • (letter.) A statement and description or vindication of the conduct with regards to wisdom thereon.
  • (letter.) An estimate or estimation; valuation; judgment.
  • (n.) Relevance; worth; worth; advantage; profit.
  • (v. t.) To reckon; to compute; to count.
  • (v. t.) To put to a single's account; to put towards credit of; to designate; -- with to.
  • (v. t.) To value, estimation, or hold in viewpoint; to guage or give consideration to; to deem.
  • (v. t.) To recount; to link.
  • (v. i.) To make or obtain a merchant account or connection of particulars; as, an officer must account with or even to the treasurer for money obtained.
  • (v. i.) To make a free account; to answer in wisdom; -- with concerning; as, we should account fully for employing our possibilities.
  • (v. i.) to offer a satisfactory reason; to tell the reason for; to describe; -- with concerning; as, idleness makes up about impoverishment.

Sentence Examples with the word Account

In the ensuing account a constant repetition of the names of the main archipelagoes will be found; it may of course be assumed that each successive voyager added something to the knowledge of them, but on the other hand, as has been said, islands were often rediscovered and renamed in cases where later voyagers took no account of the work of their predecessors, or where the earlier voyagers were unable clearly to define the positions of their discoveries.

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