What does Acclimatization to altitude mean?

Acclimatization to altitude meaning in Medical Dictionary

the entire process of adjusting towards the decline in air concentration at a particular altitude. Numerous modifications must take place for the human body to work with reduced oxygen. These changes feature enhancing the level of respiration; increasing the force into the pulmonary arteries, forcing bloodstream into portions of this lung which are typically maybe not used at sea level; production extra oxygen-carrying red bloodstream cells; and production extra2,4-DPG, a substance that facilitates the release of oxygen from hemoglobin to the human body areas. Acclimatization usually takes 1 to3 days and takes place after any significant altitude modification above 1,220 yards (approximately4,000 foot). Acclimatization is the human body's all-natural ways fixing height illness in addition to price of acclimatization is dependent on the altitude, price of ascent, and individual susceptibility.