What does Accidentalism mean?

Accidentalism meaning in General Dictionary

Accidental character or effect

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  • Accidental character or effect.

Accidentalism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

the idea that some occasions are undetermined, or the occurrence of group of determined events is unstable (Aristotle, Cournot). In Epicureanism (q.v.) such indeterminism was put on psychological activities and particularly to acts of will. The doctrine then assumes the special kind: Some acts of will are unmotivated. See Indeterminism. A striking illustration of an even more general accidentalism isCharles Peirce's Tychism (q.v.). See Potential, Contingency. -- C.A.B.

Accidentalism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Accidental personality or effect.

Sentence Examples with the word Accidentalism

In metaphysics, accidentalism denies the doctrine that everything occurs or results from a definite cause.

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